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Patient or Family Member

Patient or Family Member


874 km/h

Hand with Heart

Range? Fly Farther.

The superior fleet of fuel efficient G100 aircraft can fly 1,000 nautical miles more than the industry standard.

Speed? Fly Faster.

In our industry, every second counts. The G100 is faster than the industry standard aircraft.

Comfort? More Space.

Spacious cabins include private lavatories and seating for multiple passengers, so there’s no need to leave your loved ones behind.

We give all patients and family members the best care possible. If you or a family member needs medical transport, Alia MedFlight is the best choice. We provide the most compassionate, sympathetic, safe medical transport in the industry.

At Alia MedFlight, family comes along. We know our competitors often have to separate family or choose just one to ride along, with very limited baggage. The G100 can carry multiple family members and still have room for baggage. Even better, each plane has a fully enclosed lavatory for inflight use – a comfort most of our competitors can’t offer.

Know you can trust Alia MedFlight, from state-of-the-art medical jets, to our 25 year+ ICU experienced team. We know how precious your family members are, and once they are in our hands, we’ll do everything possible to keep them safe and comfortable.

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To Wendy’s angels who saved her life and got her out of Mexico through such adverse conditions – please accept our eternal gratitude… Your professionalism, knowledge, and poise were an enormous relief to us and I’m confident that your decision to turn the ambulance around, the modifications you made to her medicine, and your difficult call to try again were directly responsible for preserving her life. We can never thank you enough… We have a long road ahead but your presence and rescue were the biggest leap forward in her recovery. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you Jon and the Alia MedFlight Team for making a very difficult time in my family’s lives into such a stress-free process. Everyone was very professional and courteous! I would definitely recommend Alia MedFlight to anyone needing medical transportation. My family was lost on how to get my father home… Thanks to Alia MedFlight we were able to get him home safely and promptly.

…Your staff was wonderful. Marcy and Robert were great with dad, completely in charge and as friendly as if we’d known them for years. The flight was great and we were very comfortable… You were always available to answer all my questions and clear up any confusion I may have had. So, I want to formally thank you and all your crew for a perfect experience for my family at this difficult time.

…I can’t express how grateful I am to the extraordinary people of Alia. Jon, you & your logistics team, took the burden off of me to see that her final wish of coming home was realized; the medical staff, attendants, nurses, all extremely competent and compassionate; plus the flight personnel and pilot. Because of all of you, I was able to see my mother again and spend those precious hours by her side. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart doesn’t adequately express my deep appreciation. I will never forget the wonderful people of Alia who made it all happen. True professionals, the likes of which I’ve never encountered before.