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Our Culture

Our Culture

In the niche field of long distance air ambulance and international air transport, it is easy to fall into the confusion that is the online digital sea of air medical transport companies and brokers. Often, this confusion is during a very difficult time, when you or a loved one is sick or injured and far from home or even in a foreign country.

Alia MedFlight was founded with guiding principles and a mission statement that highlights our intentions to take care of our patients and clients. Still, the unofficial mantra that we choose to use within our company speaks volumes to what we do here at Alia MedFlight:

Doing it Right.

An uncompromising approach to air ambulance. Having worked directly and consulted with over a half dozen companies in this field- I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in this industry. ‘Doing it right.’ is a deeply personal statement that echoes through every division of our company.

From our dispatch and logistics department, flight operations and medical operations, the men and women of Alia MedFlight are standing by to receive the call. Talented medical crew, experienced pilots, dedicated case managers, and operate daily with a singular approach to never compromise the safety or speed of a mission- to do it right.

Safe Skies.

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Fast Medical Transport

874 km/h

Comfortable Medical Transport

Range? Fly Farther.

The superior fleet of fuel efficient G100 aircraft can fly 1,000 nautical miles more than the industry standard.

Speed? Fly Faster.

In our industry, every second counts. The G100 is faster than the industry standard aircraft.

Comfort? More Space.

Spacious cabins include private lavatories and seating for multiple passengers, so there’s no need to leave your loved ones behind.

Alia MedFlight was founded by top talent in the air ambulance industry and experienced leaders in healthcare.