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When You Need an Ally, Count on Alia

When You Need an Ally, Count on Alia

Alia MedFlight Launches Medical Air Transportation with Patient’s Health in Mind

Every year, hundreds of millions of vacationers, business travelers, expatriates and others leave home, typically giving little thought to what might happen if they become ill, injured or for some reason need emergency services while abroad. Whether from illness, a cardiac event, stroke, accident or the diagnosis of disease that requires advanced treatment, the concern is the same: “How do I return home or travel to a hospital I trust, to receive the medical care I need?”

In these situations you need an ally. Thankfully, there’s Alia MedFlight. Operating world-wide from its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, Alia’s mission is to help people in desperate, often life-threatening situations, get home and receive the medical care they need. Built by seasoned healthcare and emergency air transportation executives and operated on an ARGUS “Platinum” Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate, Alia has the experience and tenure to immediately make an impact in the medical evacuation and air transport industry.

The word “ally” explains exactly what Alia does, specifically “to combine or unite a resource with another for mutual benefit.” Invoking the word “ally” implies a partnership in accessing and providing global emergency ambulance and critical care services. Alia works closely with assurance companies, travel Insurance, health insurance providers, travel assistance organizations, employers, government agencies and private individuals to get patients home safely to the care they need and the people they love. Alia’s flight and medical operations teams work efficiently to coordinate with patients, families, hospitals and even world governments to do whatever it takes to conduct medical evacuation, rescue and emergency medical transport missions from virtually anywhere in the world.

“We are excited,” explains Jon Rosati, Alia’s Director of Case Management and a veteran in the air ambulance space. “For years the Air Ambulance industry has demanded a higher level of service from its providers. Our unique approach allows us to transport patients in a larger cabin, over greater distances and with fewer stops along the way. Our Gulfstream G100 aircraft can fly almost anywhere in the world, and provide a level of comfort and safety not commonly available to this industry.”

The aircraft (which Alia owns) are over twenty years newer than the industry standard air ambulance jet. They can fly higher, faster, and longer distances with fewer fuel stops than industry average. This means more locations are accessible, flight plans are more flexible, fewer crew changes are necessary on global missions and patients are safely at their destination in less time. These medical jets are also exceptional for their size and comfort. In addition to the patient’s medical stretcher and inflight medical crew, each jet can carry up to four family members, escorts or travel companions. With an onboard lavatory and comfortable seating, Alia offers the ultimate in convenience, comfort and safety.

State of the art jets are only part of the vision of Alia. These fixed-wing aircraft are staffed with experienced pilots and accredited medical professionals such as Doctors, Critical Care Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists who fly medical missions day in and day out. They are continually trained to the most rigorous standards available in the medical transport industry. The pilots experience, licensure and accreditations along with the fleet accreditations ensure the highest standard of safety and security through the entire medical evacuation and transportation process.

From our base in Phoenix, in addition to assisting travelers in Mexico, Central America and South America and the Caribbean, our long-range private jet transportation can easily fly missions to the Pacific Islands, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Alia is one of the only US based medevac companies with the airplanes capable of covering the entire Pacific Rim, including South East Asia and Australia.

When you need an ally, count on Alia. To learn more, visit or call 602-800-7070.

Alia MedFlight’s aircraft are operated in cooperation with FAR Part 135 certificate holder N-Jet, Inc., certificate # NTFA986G. N-Jet exercises full operational control over all Alia MedFlight transports.