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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with all major insurance companies. Give us a call, we will handle it from there.

Alia MedFlight is there for you in the case of a life threatening emergency, but that’s not all we do. Often our patients are post surgical or stable in the ICU, but want to be closer to home. Sometimes our patient is being moved for treatment to a specialized facility for treatment but are not able to fly on a commercial airplane. Whatever the case, we can handle it.

We handle the insurance for you. The insurance world is large and intimidating, and can be frustrating and confusing to anyone. We do this everyday, 365 days a year. We fight for you or your loved one. Even if the insurance says no, we can find if they indeed cover a flight.

Absolutely. And thanks to our fleet of Gulfstream 100’s, our patient families are not limited to one person and a backpack. We can carry multiple family members and have luggage space that is three times larger than our closest competitor. For our family members, we have a fully enclosed lavatory for inflight use. Something our competitors cannot offer.

No, Alia MedFlight is an Indirect Air Carrier. We own our aircraft and contract with N-Jet, Inc,  with certificate #NTFA986G, who exercises full operational control over all Alia MedFlight transports.

Is Your Question Still Unanswered?

We welcome you to ask questions about our services and how you can utilize them now, or in the event of a life-threatening emergency.