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Non-Emergency Medical Air Flight

Non-Emergency Medical Air Flight for Senior Citizens

Non-Emergency Medical Air Flight for Senior Citizens​

Many people think of an air ambulance for transporting only critically ill or injured patients in emergency cases. But many air ambulance providers also offer medical flight services that are non-emergent in nature. This includes transporting senior citizens with health conditions that would not be considered critical or emergency cases.

A non-emergency medical air flight situation for senior citizens can include transporting the elderly from a nursing home to a hospital for a scheduled medical treatment or diagnostic procedure. An elderly patient’s physical or mental condition may make it impractical for the patient to be transported using motor vehicles or commercial airlines.

There are several age-related conditions to consider when you coordinate with an air ambulance provider for non-emergency medical air flight for an elderly loved one. They include:

  • Physical condition – You should inform the air ambulance provider about the patient’s physical condition with the complete details. This will help the provider make the necessary preparations for the air ambulance flight such as medications, oxygen for breathing problems and preparing the necessary medical equipment.
  • Mobility issues – Osteoporosis, arthritis and rheumatism, cardiovascular disease, age-related diseases, physical fragility due to age and other conditions can affect a patient’s ability to walk and use their hands. The medical flight provider can provide mobility aid devices, such as; a mobility scooter, crutches, a walker or a wheelchair to help the patient to move and walk.
  • Mental condition – Age-related mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and depression can affect the patient’s ability to comprehend and follow instructions. The air ambulance provider can arrange for family members to come along for the flight so they can help the patient to follow the instructions from the medical staff.

At Alia MedFlight, we have extensive experience with medical air transportation for senior citizens from emergency to non-emergency situations. Our aircraft are outfitted with medical equipment that meet the needs of elderly patients with various health conditions. Senior citizens will be well cared for during a flight in the caring hands of our compassionate and competent medical staff.

We coordinate with the patients and family members to make sure the medical flight experience is worry-free, from departure to arrival. We assist patients and their families in every step of the medical flight process, such as coordinating their appointments and paperwork, settling insurance claims, and other steps that need to be done during the entire process.

To find out more about our medical flight services for senior citizens, call us at +1 (602) 800-7070 or visit our Contact page.

Alia MedFlight’s aircraft are operated in cooperation with FAR Part 135 certificate holder N-Jet, Inc., certificate # NTFA986G. N-Jet exercises full operational control over all Alia MedFlight transports.