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The Gulfstream G100 as Alia’s Air Ambulance Aircraft

The Gulfstream G100 as Alia’s Air Ambulance Aircraft

The Gulfstream G100 as Alia’s Air Ambulance Aircraft

Alia MedFlight uses the Gulfstream G100, also known as the Astra SPX, as its primary aircraft for air ambulance and medical flight missions. We selected this type of mid-size jet because it offers many advantages when compared to other types of aircraft typically used in the air medical industry.

Our dedicated fleet of Gulfstream G100 aircraft have each been specifically configured for air medical transport services. Each G100 jet’s cabin interior has been converted to house advanced medical equipment with other alterations to maximize the care and comfort of patients and their family members during a flight mission.

The Alia fleet is on average more than 20 years newer than the aircraft most commonly used by others in the air ambulance industry. Still you might ask why we specifically chose the G100? It doesn’t take an aviation expert to see certain comfort and performance characteristics that work to the advantage of aircraft services utilized to provide medical air transportation.

How our aircraft compare to the current industry standard:


Alia Gulfstream G100

Lear 35A

Seating capacity

Patient + 7

Patient + 4


2,950 nm

1,900 nm

Cabin height

5’ 8”

4’ 4”

Enclosed private lavatory




Gulfstream G100 Advantages Over Other Aircraft

In selecting which mid-size jet to use for our medical air transportation, we evaluated the Hawker 800, Learjet 35A, Gulfstream III, Piaggio P180, Beechjet 400 and Gulfstream G100, and compared each of their characteristics and features. Our selection criteria was based on specifications, performance, safety and passenger comfort features.

After the evaluation, we narrowed down the selection to two aircraft – the Gulfstream G100 and Lear 35A. Eventually, we selected the G100 since it offers significant advantages over the 35A. In addition to possessing the most up-to-date technology, such as avionics, modern communications and navigation systems, and hi-tech flight instruments in the cockpit, the G100 flies farther and faster, resulting in fewer stops between our patients and their destination.

Getting to our destination as fast as possible is essential when transporting critically ill or injured patients. The G100’s ability to fly at high altitudes ranging from 41,000 to 45,000 feet, while cruising at its maximum speed of over 543 mph (472 knots), enables us to avoid air traffic and weather, resulting in more non-stop trips than our competitors. For our patients and their loved ones, this means faster, safer and more comfortable flights to their final destination.

Thanks to its advanced aerodynamic design and fuel efficient engines, the Gulfstream G100 enjoys some of the lowest operating costs per hour in its class. With fuel consumption of only 1,750 pounds per hour, the G100 delivers much better fuel efficiency than most other mid-sized jets.  With a maximum range of 2,910 nm and cruise speed of Mach 0.875, the G100 can reach almost any destination in the world. Powered by some of the most powerful engines used in a mid-sized jet category, the two Honeywell TFE 731-40R engines are widely considered to be among the safest and most reliable jet engines ever built.

Finally, while most of our competitors can only accommodate the patient and one traveling companion (plus a two-person medical crew), our G100’s can carry the medical crew, the patient and up to four additional family members or traveling companions. And while most other air ambulance aircraft have no private lavatory, all Alia G100’s are equipped with a private on-board restroom for maximum passenger comfort and convenience. In short, the G100’s versatile modular and ergonomic interior design enables us to fully utilize the cabin space to include hi-tech medical equipment and facilities without sacrificing the comfortable accommodations for the patient and family members.

Simply put, the Gulfstream G100 embodies Alia’s mission – to deliver the highest level of care, comfort and safety for our patients. We invite you to call and compare our services.

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Alia MedFlight’s aircraft are operated in cooperation with FAR Part 135 certificate holder N-Jet, Inc., certificate # NTFA986G. N-Jet exercises full operational control over all Alia MedFlight transports.