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Critical Care Air Transport for Patients

Critical Care Air Transport for Patients

Critical Care Air Transport for Patients

Critically ill or injured patients may have life-threatening conditions that require intensive care or critical care. Intensive care is provided to patients whose life-threatening conditions are reversible and who have a good chance of surviving with treatment. Intensive care patients need continuous monitoring and support from medical staff using modern technologically advanced medical equipment and medication.

Every minute counts for critically ill or injured patients who have to be transported from one location to another to receive a higher level of care or specialty treatment. Transporting the patient in the fastest and safest way can mean the difference between a full recovery and physical deficits or even death.

A critical situation arises when a person has experienced a traumatic event in a foreign country needs to be repatriated back to the United States due to non-availability of the needed medical expertise. Another situation is when a patient who urgently needs an organ transplant needs to be transferred to a distant location where the organ is available. Critical situations like these are only a few examples of why utilizing an air ambulance is the best option for transporting patients with critical injuries or illnesses to distant locations.

There are many air ambulance and medical evacuation providers out there, but not all of them have aircraft that are equipped with the right equipment and trained personnel to handle true intensive care unit (ICU) level care. An ICU capable air ambulance means that the aircraft has the right medical equipment, medications and medical flight crew to provide constant intensive care from the time the patient is prepared for departure, during the flight mission inside the aircraft, and until the patient arrives safely at the intended destination.

As much as sophisticated medical equipment and medications are important, the capability of the medical staff providing close monitoring and care to the patient is equally important in critical air transport. The medical crew should have the needed skills and experience in critical care medicine, and the ability to make critical decisions in unexpected medical emergencies.

A combination of effective medical equipment in the air ambulance together with experienced and skilled medical staff is the highest form of bedside-to-bedside care that can be provided by an air ambulance provider.

It’s important to understand that it takes more than a fully equipped, modern air ambulance aircraft to make a smooth, effective air transport. It also requires the overall compassion, dedication and efficiency of the medical staff.

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Alia MedFlight’s aircraft are operated in cooperation with FAR Part 135 certificate holder N-Jet, Inc., certificate # NTFA986G. N-Jet exercises full operational control over all Alia MedFlight transports.