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Alia MedFlight’s Team: Exceptional and Well-Trained

Alia MedFlight’s Team: Exceptional and Well-Trained

Alia MedFlight's Team: Exceptional and Well-Trained

The exceptional dedication and skill of Alia MedFlight’s pilot and medical staff are key reasons why the company has become a leading provider of air ambulance and medical flight services in the air medical transport industry. Alia pilots and medical flight crew are chosen based on a strict selection criteria to ensure they provide patients with the highest level of care during a flight mission.

Our Medical Team’s Exceptional Skills

Alia’s medical flight crew is comprised of registered nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists. We surpass any current accredited standards for medical flight crews in the air medical transport industry. Each member has a minimum three years of emergency room/intensive care unit experience, and each of them has an active state license for their individual professional specialty. In the air medical services industry, medical treatments and technologies are constantly being updated. That’s why we also make sure that each team member regularly undergoes ongoing education and training that is suited to their role and responsibilities.

Continuing education enables the medical team to be updated with the latest treatment approaches and other skills needed to care for patients undergoing medical air transport. We require our team to adhere to rigorous training programs several times each year.

Alia medical team members receive training in these courses essential for medical flight missions:

  • DOT Flight physiology curriculum
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • Specialty Burn Care
  • High Risk Obstetrics (HROB)

Our medical team also has pre-hospital trauma life-support training and each member undergoes Department of Transportation curriculum flight physiology. We require each team member to submit to periodic performance reviews that are under the direct supervision of Alia’s in-house Medical Director.

In addition to their technical skills and qualifications, medical team members are chosen according to their interpersonal skills for proper communication and interaction with patients and family members. Alia also promotes cultural sensitivity and awareness so our flight crews can properly communicate with patients of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Members of the medical team are psychologically prepared to perform their job regardless of any challenges they encounter. They are trained to cope in a high stress environment while retaining their calm composure in extreme circumstances. They are flexible and able to handle unexpected situations professionally and with a good attitude.

Pilot Crew’s Outstanding Qualifications

All Alia flights operate with two-pilot crews consisting of a pilot-in-command (PIC) and a second-in-command (SIC). Required to meet or exceed ARGUS Platinum criteria, each pilot has undergone rigorous training in piloting the Gulfstream G100 jet, our preferred aircraft for Alia medical flight missions. They are also well experienced and highly skilled in their respective pilot positions.

Every pilot-in-command has a minimum of 3,000 hours of total flight time experience in fixed wing aircraft with 1,500 hours of flight time as a PIC. Each PIC has a current Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification with multi-engine class rating and instrument rating, and a current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) First Class medical certificate.

Second-in-command pilots have a minimum of 1,500 hours total flight time experience in fixed wing aircraft and a current ATP certification with multi-engine class rating and instrument rating, and a current FAA First Class medical certificate

In addition to their specific qualifications, Alia pilots also possess these important abilities and skills:

  • Make sound analytical decisions and possess high tolerance for stress in a fast-paced environment.
  • Can comprehend and execute complex procedures before and during a flight mission.
    Maintain a professional demeanor while working under tight time constraints and deadlines.
  • Interact successfully with various civil aviation departments and airport personnel.
  • Ability to provide clear, effective and timely communications with the medical flight crew, airport personnel and other concerned departments.

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Alia MedFlight’s aircraft are operated in cooperation with FAR Part 135 certificate holder N-Jet, Inc., certificate # NTFA986G. N-Jet exercises full operational control over all Alia MedFlight transports.